[metha] _is a Lima-based office of architecture, landscape, and urban design. The office currently focuses on the development of products regarding collaborative design, efficient management of resources, and multidisciplinary research.

From small to big, from natural to urban, and from diffuse to compact, Metha’s architecture believes that any project must reflect in its environment, engage any social, economic, and environmental conditions whilst it positively redefine the urban landscape in order to improve habitability.

Actual global and local conditions demand new forms of architectural and urban solutions. In order to do so, it is imperative that we understand the environment not only as a set of independently regulated functions but as a mesh of landscapes, spaces, and relationships throughout different scales. Streets, paths, parks, dwellings, and infrastructure must be understood as elements of a constantly shifting system that meets the particularities of place and overachieving social goals.

Jaime Sarmiento



Master of Science in Territorial and Urban Design / Technological University of Delft (The Netherlands).

Architect / Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC. Lima. Peru)



Jaime was editor of the Section of Architecture and Urbanism of El Comercio before being granted as a scholarship by the European Union for postgraduate studies in Urbanism at the Netherlands in 2006.

He also works as a consultant for different public-private agencies developing projects under public-private partnerships. Finalist in several design contests, both in the private and public sector. He has obtained the first place in the Wiñay Ayni Marka competition (2016), finalist of the New Metropolitan Park Contest in Villa María del Triunfo, second place in the UD4U Contest in the United States (2015). In 2013, Jaime was awarded – and its former practice 2.8x – as one of the emergent architects in the Architecture Biennial A35.

Very enthusiast about urban processes related to mobility, city competitiveness, culture, and contemporary landscape. He is currently involved with IDIC in a study regarding water infrastructure across Lima and teaches at the University of Lima. He is also a founding member of Espacio Común: a multidisciplinary platform focus on social infrastructure across middle size cities in Peru.










Carolina Linares


MBA IE Business School (Madrid, Spain).

Master en Dirección de Empresas Constructoras e Inmobiliarias por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. (PUCP. Lima. Peru)

Postgraduate studies at Kenan Flager Business School – University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, USA).

Architect / Universidad Ricardo Palma (URP. Lima. Peru)



Carolina worked as Innovation and Project Manager at Graña y Montero (Viva GyM) until 2017 when she founded Metha. Her experience ranges from design, development, and management of housing innovation and real estate projects, urban permits, retail, and offices.

In 2013, Carolina was granted a scholarship by the Peruvian Institute of Educational Promotion for Postgraduate studies (2013). She was also awarded the academic excellence Beta Gamma Sigma Award (2014) and has been also selected in the Emerging Panorama of the Ibero-American Architecture Biennial (2004).

She is also a consultant for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the Universidad del Pacífico-Emprende UP. She currently teaches as a professor of real estate management and design workshop at the University of Lima.

Carolina is also a co-founder of AULA: social entrepreneurship related to providing architectural and spatial solutions related to educational infrastructure.

Favio Chumpitaz


Master of Architecture / University of California Los Angeles (Los Angeles, USA).

Architect / Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP. Lima. Peru)



In 2016, after working as a leading architect in 51-1 architects from 2009, Favio was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship and also the National Scholarship Program (PRONABEC) for postgraduate studies at UCLA’s – the NOW Institute – Master in Architecture (2017) lead by Thom Mayne (Morphosis Architects and Pritzker Prize 2005)

In the fall of 2018, Favio joined Metha summing up his experience regarding the design of different architecture and urban planning projects worldwide.

He currently teaches at the University of Lima and is a former professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. As a researcher, he has published the book “Fernando Belaúnde Terry – El Arquitecto” (2012) with its faculty of Architecture. Besides this all, Favio is also a volunteer of the Scouts of Peru Association.







Urban Design / Projects Architecture

Profile and feasibility of the project.
Conceptual design of the product according to criteria proposed by the client and the existing conditions of the environment where it will be located.
Comprehensive technical development of the project

Project Management

Develop, direct and manage the business ideas of our clients with a comprehensive management procedure that maximizes profitability.

Commercial Management

Marketing strategy and media selection.
Product sales strategy.

Results Management

Control of the economic and financial result of the Project, execution program and the flow of funds and collections. Preparation of management reports.

Stages of the Project

Land Evaluation.
Product Development.
Financial Structuring
Construction follow-up
Control of Cash and Costs.
Sanitation and Project Closure.
Planning and Management of Marketing and Sales.

2019. Second Prize.  Curatorship Peru´s Pavilion. Venice Biennale 2020. 

2019. Runner up. School in Rural Haiti. Arcsharing

2019. Second Prize. 2021: Projects for the Bicentenary. Parque Pachacamac. Peru. Ministerio de Cultura.

2018. Second Prize. International Competition. Pronied´s Modular Catalog School. OEI + Pronied. 

2018. Mention Award. Añelo Cultural Center. Neuquén Argentina. Architecture Biennal of Buenos Aires. CSA: Central Society of Architects of Argentina.

2016. First Prize. International Competition. Winaq Ayni Marqa Cultural Center. Ministerio de Cultura. + Direccion Desconcentrada de Cusco.

2015. International Competition. Urban Rehabilitation: Kenosha Chrysler Plant. Great Lakes. UD4U

2014. Beta Gamma Sigma Award academic excellence in postgraduate studies

2013. Peruvian Institute of Educational Promotion. Scholarship for postgraduate studies in Madrid, Spain.

2013. Young Architecture Biennial BARQ A35. Mirador House Finalist Project.

2012. Finalist. International Competition. Flor de Amancaes Metropolitan Park.. Municipality of Lima.

2010. Mention Award. International Competition. Private Park. Inmobiliaria Shamrock

2007 – 2009. Alban Foundation. Full Scholarship for postgraduate studies at the Technological University of Delft. Netherlands.

2006. Finalist. International Competition. Social Housing at Cercado de Lima. Municipality of  Lima. Arkinka Magazine.

2004. Publication Catalog Panorama Emergente Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture.

2018. Panelist / Conversation Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Lima and Cusco Cities. Organized by CAP- Regional Lima.

2018. Exhibitor / Educational Spaces. Colloquium How we learn and work in the XXI Century. Organized by Markham College

2018. Moderator / Panel Lima 2035: Visions and perspectives for public space. International Congress “Communication, City and Public Space” – UNESCO Chair. Organized by Unesco and Universidad de Lima

2018. Exhibitors / Sample Diversity and Pluricultural Lima – International Congress Communication City and Public Space. Organized by University of Lima

2017. Exhibitor / Conecta Forum: Technologies applied to the Real Estate Sector. Organized by: The Graña y Montero Academy.

2016. Exhibitor / Wiñay Ayni Marqa Cultural Center. Cusco, Peru. Organized by Circle of Architecture Studies University of Lima

2016. Panelist / Academic Conference of the University Consortium – Sustainable Development Goals – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – Organized by: Universidad del Pacífico.

2016. Exhibitor / Current Situation of Social Housing in Lima – Megaprojects. Organized by: University of Lima.